Sunday, 30 March 2014


Is that the right word?

Since the Nationals last year I managed to get to go sailing twice I think, once at Stone where I had finally got my head around everything and was back near the front, clinging onto the coattails of Rashley and Offer and even sneaking in a second overall. Then once at Draycote in apocalyptic conditions that saw my forestay snap, when the boat blew back upright after a capsize and as the boom was still in the water everything loaded up massively in the 30+ knots we had that day! The ensuing carnage saw a hole in the foredeck and a shredded tramp.

 I thought I'd bagged a 30 knot run too... Unfortunately I give everyone hassle for getting track logs with their peak speeds so I thought I'd better double check and after soaking my GPS in a bowl of rice overnight to recover it showed a 29.45 knots best and a 10 second average of just under 29. Not bad for a 70 kilo runt in the coldest water the UK has to offer!

So Rocket did me proud for a season. Platform and foils are all where I wanted them to be, but rig development was sorely lacking and taking far too long with my brief periods in the boat. I've got some big plans for a new boat and wanted to make sure the old girl had a new home and ended up selling her in January to Andrew Blee up at Draycote. This made sure I could start getting the ball rolling with my silly boat plans, but with Me being Me this has taken ages, it's April and I still only have a hull shell!

But this afternoon, a fairly major piece of the puzzle had started taking shape on my workshop floor, mostly thanks to Badger who lent his joinery skills for the morning (extra points for a Sunday!) and has given me the kick I need.

Parkstone is this weekend. Hoping to do it in a borrowed boat, then probably not sail again for a month while I finish mine. All good prep for my Eurocup campaign this season! Might just make Medemblik at this rate...

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Very Post Nationals rundown

Okay, okay so I completely failed at blogging at the nationals. Truth is I was having a bit too much fun!

Castle Cove showed all 70 odd boats how to run a great Moth event, with all the volunteers putting in a huge effort making us feel welcome with bacon sarnies galore, the most massive bbq I've ever seen and some top notch racing to boot.

The Moth fleet over here has really come along in the last few years with the spread of abilities really tightening up. I think a lot of this is down to just how sailable the boats are now, letting people crack on and learn to race the boat rather than worrying about keeping it in the water! Reliability has also come on hugely, with big Friday seeing winds over 25 knots and barely any epoxy or grinding to be seen or heard.

I had a very mixed few days which started with a big lack of upwind abilities. I was really struggling to get any fullness out of my 16 upwind (plus side, downwinds we're veeery fast!) and was losing up more than I was gaining down and with the top 30 all being capable Moth sailors meant it was a lot harder to get yourself back in the game.
The windy day went a lot better than I expected with no problems downwind, but my overpowered sail was really causing trouble leading me to get the saw out on my prodder overnight! Saturday saw me back on it a bit more with a bit more all round pace. I bought a used Raptor from Team Ireland (thanks Rory!) on Saturday night and rigged it up with Gio's CST Elite3 and suddenly could go upwind again having my best result of the week in 7th. Unfortunately this followed with my worst race of the week where I couldn't do anything right and had to wipe out avoiding traffic in the leeward gate.

So a real mixed bag. Loads of potential in the boat and always faster downhill than the boats I was around and after a couple of days of 'tuning/biggest event of the year' I was starting to get Rocket uphill too. If I'm going to continue with any delusions I may have of still being competitive I really need to get back on the rig development and maybe go sailing every now and again (having doubled my time on the water this year at the Nats!)

Final Results:

PlacePointsSail NoHelmClub
     27 Jun27 Jun27 Jun28 Jun28 Jun28 Jun29 Jun29 Jun29 Jun30 Jun30 Jun30 Jun
1144047Robert GreenhalghStokes Bay SC1111(4)212221(59/RET)
2187Chris RashleyRoyal London Yacht Club(3)2221(3)231122
3313985Simon HiscocksCastle Cove Sailing Club2743(10)1315(9)41
4383980Mike LennonHISC453(6)3(6)554333
5623942Jason BelbenStokes Bay Sailing Club84(9)5776(11)8656
6693982Ben PatonLymington53617(27)(74/DNC)7934105
77940Tom OfferRock11(16)5824(65/OCS)1367158
8813795Peter BartonRoyal Lymington YC129(17)951286758(15)
9923945Eelco Boersde roerkoning131112712114411(14)(16)7
10983941Gareth Daviesstone sailing club10616101199710(41)(28)10
111024037Jason RussellHISC612101288141013(16)9(16)
121195Mike CookeSouth West Cider Squad915111918(74/DNC)1189127(28)
131423916James PhareQueen Mary SC720(40)4652019152125(38)
141473607Olivier Vidal (21)17201113132112121711(25)
151513729Phillip Kasermann 1510(30)131510151414(30)1926
161583972Yann AndrillonASNQ181819181415101617(25)13(27)
171634033Ricky TaggHayling Island1787(32)21213029(58/RET)11613
181653622Fabien FroeschSNG161313(23)22191615(24)19239
191753614Doug PybusQMSC1423(26)211617121723(29)2111
201803944Richard WestburyBartley SC(33)2114(26)2018132326151812
211913711Dan WardFrensham Ponds2019(35)1491425301620(35)24
222043981Simon ReynoldsWhitstable Yacht Club22(30)24161716232520(32)2417
232243592Rory FitzpatrickNYC/RYC2424362033/RET(74/DNC)182122(62/OCS)1214
242473870Ollie HoldenHISC25252225252227242824(31)(31)
252523764Dan VincentStokes Bay Sailing Club32(33)2322192326(33)31182929
262543915Good MorganBRYC28322741/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)22223382219
272573684Sven KloppenburgRSV/SCR31262536(74/DNC)(74/DNC)282825221422
28269940Kevin Ellway 26401541/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)323629102020
292953947Leigh AlbrechtQMSC23273140(74/DNC)(74/DNC)312634353018
303004042Giovanni GaleottiRYCB29444215232439311934(46)(59/RET)
313233718Anthony RezzougASNQ(58/RET)294841/RET(74/DNS)29242018374037
323283943Richard EdwardsParkstone YC27452841/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)171841443334
333284045Matthew PonsfordHISC36353441/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)333430283423
343323766Alex KoukourakisEastbourne Soverign SC58/RET56/RET3741/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)192721262621
353373635John ChambersCoal Harbour373432(74/DNC)24273437(43)383836
363503995Graham Simmonds 383621(74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC293227362730
373623849Constantijn Weber 4041(47)34282837423633(45)43
383663730Jon PeatsCastle Cove Sailing Club(58/RET)3750302625353838(57)4344
393833946Paul BeardQueen Mary SC35393341/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)364140393940
403843940Jo EvansStokes Bay Sailing Club394229(74/DNS)(74/DNC)74/DNC384437133632
413903830John CliftonShoreham SC4243413333/RET(74/DNC)(57)3932425233
424053891David EdwardsTATA Steel SC1914831302061/RET(74/DNS)(74/DNS)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC
434233715Chris Jeeves 5150(53)3531(74/DNC)404546314945
444253758Jono PankCastle Cove Sailing Club4138493833/RET(74/DNC)(55)4342434751
454333924Tim PenfoldHISC30283827(74/DNC)3061/RET(74/DNS)74/DNS74/DNC3239
464483935Claire Gavigniaux 504946373231/RET545148(55)(56)50
474493674Neil BakerHISC342218242926(74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC
484503914Ole Frey 43474441/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)414844405547
494553605Cameron StewartHISC444857/RET2833/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)5045544848
504553994Damien Le Houerou 454652(74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC444035473735
514963432Kyle StonehamTBYC4752543933/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)5254496155
5249842Phil OligarioStokes Bay SC5656/RET4541/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)43464974/DNC4246
535133601Hans Rasmussen 52545641/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)475451505454
545224043Paul Hayden 4856/RET3941/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)42353974/DNC74/DNC74/DNC
555313312Miles BurrageTBYC54535541/RET(74/DNC)(74/DNC)565553526052
565363893Tom Lambert 495151(74/DNS)(74/DNC)74/DNC454958/RET74/DNC4441
575393632Martin FearBristol Corinthian Yacht Club4631432933/RET(74/DNC)61/RET(74/DNS)74/DNS74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC
585433106Helen RollinsonCastle Cove Sailing Club5356/RET(74/DNS)41/RET(74/DNC)74/DNC515352485956
595523759Nic StreatfeildRutland5556/RET(74/DNC)41/RET(74/DNC)74/DNC495658/RET465859/RET
605663959Paul Goodison (74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC27174
615843861Annalise Murphey (74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC464747565042
625973757Andrew BleeDraycote Water SC(74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC485850455149
636233837David SimmondsHayling Island SC(74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNS74/DNC74/DNC585755515353
646493254Keri Harris (74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC595956606257
656563665Unknown (74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC234174/DNC
666593763Simon PhilbrickPoole YC(74/DNS)(74/DNS)74/DNS74/DNS74/DNC74/DNC5374/DNC57586358
676643495Stuart Scottscalingdam5755(74/DNC)(74/DNS)74/DNC74/DNC5074/DNC58/RET74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC
68666395Jim McMillan (74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC5260/RET74/DNS535774/DNC
697123621Ken BarkerParkstone YC(74/DNS)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNS74/DNC74/DNC6060/RET74/DNS74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC
707253954Unknown (74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC5974/DNC74/DNC
71=7403437Unknown (74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC
72=7403946Paul BeardQueen Mary SC(74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC
73=7403934Damien Le HouerouASQ(74/DNC)(74/DNC)74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC74/DNC

Monday, 10 June 2013

Yeah, I'm still here

For a while my blogging was inversely proportional to my sailing time, choosing to spend time on the water. That's gone out the window this year and my blogging is pretty much on par with my sailing time!

I worked out the other day that my Moth sailing hours are barely into double figures this year, and that includes the recent inlands at Bala which is pretty much the only event I've made it to! Thankfully it turned out to be a belter, with beautiful sunshine and awesome breezes on the Sunday. Rocket is proving to be a trusty companion for me, with plenty of pace and nice easy handling. While I ended up third in the event, it was a close run thing and my missing the start of race 4 (by half the beat!) cost me dearly. Badger is back on it, in his Rocket Powered M2 - slowly getting the hang of setting that up...

Rocket development is proceeding apace, with boats 5 and 6 in build at the moment. Gio and Dylan Fletcher are providing valuable tuning feedback and we're slowly getting an understanding of how the boats like to be setup and they're proving to be pretty quick at first launch now which is a good sign of how the setups are coming together.

Suffice to say I plan on being on the water at the Nationals in plenty of time for the starts, even if I don't get any hours in beforehand! It's shaping up to be a great event too, with nearly 40 boats entered within the first few days of registration and plenty of Euro folk heading over for the chance to win loads of cake by the sounds of it.

Sounds like my kind of event!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dinghy Show this weekend

The RYA Dinghy Show will be this weekend at Alexandra Palace. Well worth a visit to see the latest in Moth Innovation along with the Exocet ;-p

We'll be displaying Chris Rashleys new boat, along with the first Rocket and both Simon Maguire and I will be on hand all weekend to hopefully answer all your questions, as long as they don't all consist of questions about the wand!

Hopefully see you all there!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rocket Launcher

So the Rocket finally took to the skies at Queen Mary yesterday. I'll post a bit more in depth later on but I figured I ought to put something up for those poor people not on Facebook ;-) . Things went hitch free thankfully and I spend a good couple of hours blasting around trying to remember how to sail (not been in a boat since October) and starting to figure out what settings need tweaking.

You'll have to forgive the ridiculously high boom, this was before I started playing with everything to get it all in the right place!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fresh start

So, it's 2013. Wow - that one crept up pretty rapidly.

I've not sailed now since the Hayling open (which I failed to blog about as it sucked man balls) and as I've been boatless I was intrigued to see how fired I'd be when I finally got around to the thought of sailing again!

Suffice to say, I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. The build process for the Rocket has been a long one as I've been relying heavily on pulling favours for some major items (thanks Dave!) but as the end of it all approaches I've got a CnC'd hull blank and mould, a pretty awesome looking new mainfoil mould and a rudder mould landing any day. There's a good stash of new thinking on this boat mostly based on my experience with the Ninja builds, I had a good blueprint in my head as to where I wanted to go with it all and a lot of it is the sort of thing you can only do with a fresh start - no ties to the past or backwards compatibility. I suppose all will be revealed and if you've been following my Facebook page you'll probably have seen a few hints.

So, with my Fresh Start (TM) thinking in mind I've resigned from Cheddar. I'll probably sail a couple of times there in the winter series but I suspect I'll be doing most of my sailing from either Queen Mary or Weymouth - it'll be a mission, but the competition is what I need to try to bring myself back up to scratch and give the Rocket it's best chance. I've not been getting much use out of BCYC and there's all sorts of behind the scenes nobbery with the committee running the place that's forced other members out and it's just not a great place to hang out.

Not sure what that means for the blog, but at least I still live near Bristol....

Monday, 22 October 2012

Ninja 3767 (NOW SOLD)

Ninja 3767 up for sale. She’s a 2010 Ninja that I’ve had back to fully pimp out. All the control systems are now current, current spec mast and a set of prototype cut down foils. I’ve been sailing the boat since Garda and she’s been going very well indeed.

Recently refinished in metallic purple
Good condition MSL13 sail (not the one in the sailing pic, that’s my knackered MSL10!)
Custom Aardspar skinny mast with only 6 months use
Southern Boom
Cut down foils (maybe not suited for heavyweights) recently refurbished
Oligroglio adjustable wand
Adjustable pushrod
Adjustable rudder
Foil bags
Top cover
Launching trolley

In theory there is an unconventional boatbox which should be good for a trip across Europe. If you are overseas and looking for a boat I can arrange shipping. I’ll warranty the boat in the UK for 3 months, but would need to agree some terms for overseas buyers.